Creek View Home Owners Association of 2015 would like to welcome you.  The Creek View website provides useful information about your community.  Browse around and contacts us should you have any questions or comments!

What is an HOA?

Homeowners' associations, or HOAs, are formal legal entities created to maintain common areas; they have the authority to enforce deed restrictions. Most condominium and town home developments, and many newer single-family subdivisions have HOAs, which are usually created when the development is built. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's) are issued to each homeowner, and HOAs are established to ensure that they are adhered to in order to maintain the quality and value of the properties involved.

The Board of Directors for 2015 have been selected and are prepared to server their community.  Thank you to all Board Members who have volunteered.

Important Reminders:

*Please drive 25 and keep the kids alive (or slower)

*Please submit ARC requests to the management company prior to changes to your property

*Report all crimes to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department (911) Non-Emergencies 813-247-8200 or visit!/groups/creekviewhoa/